Sean Shelter speaks at the annual Coaches Convention at the „adidas“ Halftime!

Munich, 24.1.2019; Sean Shelton has played Quarterback in Europe for the past 5 season, making stops in France, Finland and most notably, in Austria for the Swarco Raiders Tirol.
Sean has had a very decorated tenure in Europe thus far, winning several individual awards while being a part of many national and international championship winning teams. Outside of his playing career, Sean has started his coaching career within the Raiders organization and even started a Quarterback Academy to help develop the sport of American Football in Europe via the Quarterback position.
At the this years Bavarian Coaches Convention Sean Shelter will share his knowledge with the coaches. With his experience in Europe he will talk about the development of young QB`s.
Already more than 300 Coaches signed in fo rthe 14th Bavarian Coaches Convention at the facilities of adidas.

Johannes Brenner will give a lecture about the Championship Defense of the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns!

München Dec 12th; At the 14th Bavarian Coaches Convention another ruling German champion will speak.
Johannes Brenner started his coaching career in 2001. Back then he coached the Unicorn’s U15 Flag Team as an offensive coordinator. Two years later he coached the U19 in the highest league of the Baden Württemberg federation. At this time, the young athlet also played for the Unicorns in the GFL.
Since 2006 he coached the U19 team of the Unicorns in 103 games. Until 2016 he had a winning record of 87-9. Nine southern German Championships and one German Championship were the icing on the cake during this time.
In 2011 he achieved his Coaching C-licence and worked with the all-youth team of Baden-Württemberg.
After his active playing days coach Brenner joined the coaching staff of the Unicorns in the GFL. He spent 2015 and 2016 with different universitys in Wisconsin.
Since 2017 he ist he Defensive Coordinator of the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns and has won two German Bowls.
But the 6.2 wide receiver was also succesfull as a player. He was also invited to several practice camps of the NFL Europe and in 2010 he won the European Championship with the German national team. He did the same thing in 2014 and ended his career after the season. In the meantime he won another two German championships with the Unicorns.
Johannes Brenner is an excellent Football specialist and will speak about different defensive strategys at the convention. After his presentation he will be availabel at the questions&answers session.
The AfVBy is very happy is very happy to present such an excellent speaker from the ruling German champion. Coach Brenner is a guaranty on football knowledgeand knows the problems of coaches in Germany, from the GFL down to the development league.

Together against Doping!

München, 12th Oct 2018; To prepare young athletes for their life as a competitive athlete and to give an inside view to those interested, the National Anti Doping Agencyr (NADA) will present their “Together against Doping” information stand at the 14th Bavarian Coaches Convention on February 9th and 10th at Herzogenaurach.
The information stand is part of NADAs prevention program „TOGETHER AGAINST DOING“. With the help of „TOGETHER AGAINST DOPING“ the NADA supports athletes and their sports setting to achieve a unsoiled performance. The goal is to sensitize especially young athletes for a clean and unsoiled sport supported them in their daily routine.
All athletes, coaches, parents and visitors will be able to test their doping knowledge. The members of NADA will answer all questions about doping and will give out first hand information about doping and its aftermath.
Martin Hanselmann, one of the organizers from the American Football Verband Bayern e.V. is very exited:“Especially the presentations outside American Football add to our convention. With NADA, the German Sport has a reliable partner concerning the focal point doping and the participation at our convention shows the high significance our sport has with the national sport scenery.“

The convention is moving!

München, November 11th, 2018; Munich, Oct 19th 2018; Unbelievable but true, the 14th Bavarian Coaches Convention is moving. Over the last years "Adidas" has provided the perfect environment for the largest coach education event in American football in Europe. Now, the sporting goods manufacturer tops the vicinity and allows the American Football Association Bayern e.V. to carry out its coaching convention in the newly opened building called "Halftime".
Martin Hanselmann, one of the organizers, is thrilled: "Being able to use the newly built event and training center, is a great vote of confidence from the global company "adidas" to our sport." For the main lecture, two of the three large lecture rooms with a total of 400 seats will be used. Furthermore, there will be another large meeting room with about 80 seats. In addition, adidas has additional lecture rooms for work shops and the popular Q`s & A`s sessions in the training center. The appropriate technical connections for modern lectures are available in all rooms.
As usual, all lectures in English will be translated simultaneously on different screens.
In the coming days, the speakers of the convention will be announced. Once again, top-class coaches will speak at the convention. Speakers from the USA are expected and a German champion will also be there.

Innovations for the Bavarian Coaches Convention 2019!

München, November 11th, 2018; The first top-class speakers are ready to go, so that the 14th Bavarian Coaches Convention will provide up to date information and news for the participants, to broaden their American Football horizon.
This time, not only on the speaker side is the Convention going new ways. As of next year, the Bavarian Convention will team up with the okticket GmbH. This change has become inevitable, because of the annually growing number of registrations for the convention. „The huge number of applications for the convention made it impossible for us to handle the process with honorary helpers. That is why we decided to handle the registration through a professional ticketing company. With the okticket GmbH we have found the perfect partner“, says Martin Hanselmann one of the convention’s organizers. Unfortunately, the individual late registrations for the convention will be no longer possible. But this was also the main reason why the Bavarian federation wasn’t able to handle the registration anymore.
The 14th Bavarian Coaches Convention will again be held at the headquarter of the sports-manufacturer „adidas“. There, the Consumer-Center with its formidable technical equipment, will provide the perfect setting for the convention.
Within the next few days the registration form will be available on the Bavarian Football Federation homepage.

NOVINA-Hotel renews partnership with the Bayerische Coaches Convention 2019!

Munich October 29th; For the 14th Bavarian Coaches Convention the NOVINA-Hotel Herzogenaurach and the American Football Verband Bayern e.V. (Bavarian American Football Federation), have renewed their partnership. In succesful and refreshing talks the federations organizers Heike Haslbeck und Martin Hanselmann have come to an agreement with the guarantors of the NOVINA Hotel.
For the fifth time in a row the NOVINA Hotel will be the federations partner and will provide rooms at a reasonable rate. Originating from the huge numbers of participants and the resulting shortage in rooms last year, the NOVINA Hotel has also brought in their partner hotel in Herzogenaurach to provide enough accommodation for all the participants.
Traditionally on Saturday evening a banquet will be held at the hotel, with the bestowal of the “Coaches of the Year” awards. At the annual Bavarian team meeting in November the teams will present their nominees, the winners will be voted right away, with the result being presented at the convention in February. Every member of the Bavarian Federation can nominate a candidate through his team representative. The banquet will be included in the convention fee.

Already over 100 registrations for the 13th Bavarian Coaches Convention

The Bavarian American Football Association has recorded an unexpectedly high number of registration for the 14th Coaches Convention. This is joyfully acknowledged by management and therefore the deadline for the reduced fee will be extended until middle of January. Sign up with reduced cost is now open until January 15th.
Please consider that there might be limited supply of hotel rooms by Novina Hotel.
The following days, the Bavarian American Football Association will introduce further speakers who are some great football coaches who want to share their knowledge. There will be a number of top notch coaches from the motherland of American Football as well.
For all participants a big wellness benefit will be the attendance of Danny Joergensen. The former football player and physiotherapist invites you to a relaxing massage again this year.
This year’s convention was reported to the American Football Association Germany. This is why clinic participation may be utilized for renewal of coaches’ licences. This includes all C and B coaches’ licenses of the Bavarian football association.

DL Coach Bene Brugnara will be on of the speaker at the 13th Bavarian coaches convention.

Munich, 4.1.2018; The 32 year old defensive line expert started his career as a player for the Salzburg Bulls. After joining the Swarco Raiders in 2010 he went for his semester aborad to the UCO Broncos, a NCAA DIV-II College.
In 2013 he started his coaching career for the Swarco Raiders under 17 youth team and joined the Austrian national team as a coach the following year.
In 2016 he managed to win AFL- championship with the raiders, one year later he became CEFL- champion.
At the upcoming 13th bavarian coaches convention the experienced coach will talk about defensive line fundamentals and stunt techniques.
Martin Hanselmann who is one of the organizers of the coaches convention already experienced one of Coach Brugnara’s clinics: “It was clear for me that we need to have Coach Brugnara as one of the speakers. He has the ability to teach his topics very clear and well structured.”
This year’s convention was reported to the American Football Association Germany. This is why clinic participation may be utilized for renewal of coaches’ licences. This includes all C and B coaches’ licenses of the Bavarian football association.

Sports psychology meets American Football

An important aspect of sports is being addressed with the presentation by sports psychologist Miriam Kohlhaas. The psychological impact on athletes is underestimated frequently.
The social pedagogist with major in sports psychology adresses this need. Utilizing American Football as example, Kohlhaas shows what coaches should be aware of working with young athletes on a daily basis. The speaker has long-ranging experience in the field of sports psychology and her body of work also features 1st and 2nd Bundesliga soccer teams. These practises brought her over to football, publishing several interviews with top GFL players.
For the first time ever, the topic of sports psychology is covered by the 13th Bavarian Coaches Convention. „I‘m certain us coaches will learn a lot about our work and ourselves. Ms Kohlhaas‘ lecture will be a great addition to the curriculum“, says Martin Hanselmann.

Coach Sigi Gehrke will be a speaker at the 13th. Bavarian Coaches Convention!

The very successful Sigi Gehrke from the Schäbisch Hall Unicorns will speak at the upcoming Bavarian Coaches Convention. He will share his knowledge with the coaches at the event on the 10. & 11. February 2018 at the “adidas” headquarter in Herzogenaurach, Germany.
Coach Gehrke has started his coaching career in 1985 at the head football coach of the Unicorns Juniors. In 1991 he took over the men`s team and was the head coach till 2016 with the program. He developed a strong unit with a lot of success. Gehrke has 150 vicotries, 53 losses and 7 tied games in the GFL-south.
During the convention coach Gehrke will talk about his specific topics about his success. The organization around the convention is glad to present him as one of the excellent speakers on the weekend for coaches.