Adi­das will sup­port the 15th Baye­ri­sche Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on!

Adi­das will sup­port the 15th Baye­ri­sche Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on!

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Mün­chen, 11/19/19; Like every during the pla­ning of the Con­ven­ti­on, a mee­ting with rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ves from „adi­das“ has been held in Her­zo­gen­au­rac. In very posi­ti­ve talks, the Fran­ko­ni­an Spor­ting Goods Pro­du­cer, has given a posi­tiv Signal and will again be sup­por­ting upco­m­ing con­ven­ti­on on the 8th and 9th of Febru­a­ry 2020.

Ther­fo­re, the 15th Baye­ri­sche Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on will again be held at the „adi­das“ head­quar­ter in the new “halfti­me” Buil­ding. Mar­tin Han­sel­mann, , one oft he orga­ni­zers oft he con­ven­ti­on was very plea­sed about this com­mit­ment. The sche­du­ling is going well and the speakers have alrea­dy been invited.As usu­al, at the next Con­ven­ti­on will be excel­lent speakers.

In the mean­ti­me, with over 400 par­ti­ci­pants, the con­ven­ti­on has beco­me the big­gest coa­ches con­ven­ti­on for Ame­ri­can Foot­ball in Euro­pe, and over 400 par­ti­ci­pants are expec­ted to come to the 2020 con­ven­ti­on. With ist excel­lent lec­tures and the per­fect mix of speakers, the con­ven­ti­on covers a broad spec­trum for European Coa­ches. The­re will be lec­tures by young ambi­tio­ned European Coa­ches as well as Col­le­ge and NFL Coa­ches.

But as always ther will also be gene­ral infor­ma­ti­ons about sport. For examp­le, last year the NADA was at the con­ven­ti­on and infor­med us about anti doping pro­grams, ano­t­her speaker cove­r­ed the aspect of legal lia­bi­li­ty of coa­ches.  

For many years the gua­ran­tors have been able to per­sua­de many coa­ches to come to the con­ven­ti­on, by offe­ring this wide varie­ty of topics..

Of cour­se, a con­ven­ti­on like this needs a pro­per set­ting, and with the loca­ti­on at Her­zo­gen­au­rach, the right place has been found.

Ano­t­her important aspect oft he con­ven­ti­on will be the gathe­ring and com­mu­ta­ti­on bet­ween so many coa­ches. The Novina Hotel ist he per­fect part­ner to pro­vi­de the per­fect sur­roun­ding for an event like this. Coa­ches can alrea­dy make reser­va­tions at the hotel, during your reser­va­ti­on just sta­te that you will be the­re for the con­ven­ti­on by naming the “afv­by” and recei­ve spe­cial boo­king con­di­ti­ons.

A long held tra­di­on is the Satur­day evening ban­quet and the coach of the year awards. The win­ners oft he cata­go­ries will be voted for by all Bava­ri­an teams. The pri­ce fort he con­ven­ti­on inclu­des the Satur­day evening ban­quet, drinks not inclu­ded.