David Zel­ler, <span class="caps">LC</span> of the Schwä­bisch Hall Uni­corns will speak at the 15. <span class="caps">BCC</span>!

David Zel­ler, LC of the Schwä­bisch Hall Uni­corns will speak at the 15. BCC!

Mün­chen Janu­a­ry 8th, 2020; In the year 2000, David star­ted his play­ing car­rer with the Pforz­heim Wild­dogs and after­ward play­ed fort he Danu­be Ham­mers and Holz­ger­lin­gen Twis­ters befo­re he got into coa­ching.

The B‑license coach from Baden-Würt­tem­berg star­ted his coa­ching care­er as a line­back­er cach for young play­ers. Very soon he was asked to join the coa­ching staff of the U17 team of the AFV­CV-Baden-Würt­tem­berg. As a line­back­er coach he won the juni­ors 4 Län­der­tur­nier in 2012.

For the Twis­ters he coa­ched the U19 Team in the Juni­or GFL whe­re he quick­ly beca­me the defen­se coor­di­na­tor.

The ambi­tious young coach visi­ted the Uni­ver­si­ty of Wis­consins Pla­tevil­le and later on the Uni. of Ala­ba­ma to broa­den his foot­ball hori­zon. His skills were soon noti­ced by the Schwä­bisch Hall Uni­corns who signed him as a line­back­er coach, a job he still holds today.

Mar­tin Han­sel­mann noti­ced the young coach during an ear­lier con­ven­ti­on and knew right away that he would have David as a speaker at the Bay­ri­sche Coa­ches Convention.His enter­taing talks a fil­led with know­ledge and in a inte­res­ting way show his skills.

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