NOVINA-Hotel renews part­nership  Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on 2019!

NOVINA-Hotel renews part­nership Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on 2019!

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Munich Octo­ber 29th; For the 14th Bava­ri­an Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on the NOVINA-Hotel Her­zo­gen­au­rach and the Ame­ri­can Foot­ball Ver­band Bay­ern e.V. (Bava­ri­an Ame­ri­can Foot­ball Fede­ra­ti­on), have rene­wed their part­nership. In suc­ces­ful and refres­hing talks the fede­ra­ti­ons orga­ni­zers Hei­ke Hasl­beck und Mar­tin Han­sel­mann have come to an agree­ment with the gua­ran­tors of the NOVINA Hotel. 
For the fifth time in a row the NOVINA Hotel will be the fede­ra­ti­ons part­ner and will pro­vi­de rooms at a rea­son­ab­le rate. Ori­gi­na­ting from the huge num­bers of par­ti­ci­pants and the resul­ting shor­ta­ge in rooms last year, the NOVINA Hotel has also brought in their part­ner hotel in Her­zo­gen­au­rach to pro­vi­de enough accom­mo­da­ti­on for all the par­ti­ci­pants.
Tra­di­tio­nal­ly on Satur­day evening a ban­quet will be held at the hotel, with the bes­tow­al of the “Coa­ches of the Year” awards. At the annu­al Bava­ri­an team mee­ting in Novem­ber the teams will pre­sent their nomi­nees, the win­ners will be voted right away, with the result being pre­sen­ted at the con­ven­ti­on in Febru­a­ry. Every mem­ber of the Bava­ri­an Fede­ra­ti­on can nomi­na­te a can­di­da­te through his team rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ve. The ban­quet will be inclu­ded in the con­ven­ti­on fee.