David Zel­ler, LC of the Schwä­bisch Hall Uni­corns will speak at the 15. BCC!

Mün­chen Janu­a­ry 8th, 2020; In the year 2000, David star­ted his play­ing car­rer with the Pforz­heim Wild­dogs and after­ward play­ed fort he Danu­be Ham­mers and Holz­ger­lin­gen Twis­ters befo­re he got into coa­ching. The B‑license coach from Baden-Wür­t­­­te­m­berg star­ted his coa­ching care­er as a line­back­er cach for young play­ers. Very soon he was asked to join […]

Sean Shel­ter

Sean Shel­ter speaks at the annu­al Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on at the „adi­das“ Halfti­me!

Johan­nes Bren­ner

Johan­nes Bren­ner will give a lec­tu­re about the Cham­pi­ons­hip Defen­se of the Schwä­bisch Hall Uni­corns!