Sean Shel­ter

Sean Shel­ter

Sean Shel­ter speaks at the annu­al Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on at the „adi­das“ Halfti­me!

Munich, 24.1.2019; Sean Shel­ton has play­ed Quar­ter­back in Euro­pe for the past 5 sea­son, making stops in Fran­ce, Fin­land and most nota­b­ly, in Aus­tria for the Swar­co Rai­ders Tirol.

Sean has had a very deco­ra­ted ten­ure in Euro­pe thus far, win­ning several indi­vi­du­al awards while being a part of many natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal cham­pi­ons­hip win­ning teams. Out­si­de of his play­ing care­er, Sean has star­ted his coa­ching care­er wit­hin the Rai­ders orga­ni­za­ti­on and even star­ted a Quar­ter­back Aca­de­my to help deve­lop the sport of Ame­ri­can Foot­ball in Euro­pe via the Quar­ter­back posi­ti­on.

At the this years Bava­ri­an Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on Sean Shel­ter will sha­re his know­ledge with the coa­ches. With his expe­ri­ence in Euro­pe he will talk about the deve­lop­ment of young QB‘s.

Alrea­dy more than 300 Coa­ches signed in fo rthe 14th Bava­ri­an Coa­ches Con­ven­ti­on at the faci­li­ties of adi­das.